Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1904 (Wednesday) – Baby (Charles Gilbert Lunt) has been feeling so miserable lately and needs so much care. I haven’t been feeling the best myself so I decided to have my sister Lillian (Lillian May Sperry) come and live with me for a week or two. In the afternoon I went to Mrs. Sudwick’s funeral, the services were held in the North Ward Meeting House, there were a lot of lovely flowers, everybody seemed to sympathize so deeply with the husband and relatives, it was so sudden, it seemed such a shock. From the meeting house I went over in town and then home. I went over to Mother’s (Caroline Webb) and then down town to buy material for a dress as the girls are going to make it for me tomorrow. While I was downtown Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) fell in the creek, Mrs. Jenkins said she don’t know how he ever got out alone as she thinks the water would be over his head where he fell.

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