Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1905 (Thursday) – Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) took Lillian (Lillian Lunt) with him on a horse and drew the little hand sleigh with Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) and Bert (Charles Gilbert Lunt) on it. I followed behind to keep them from falling out. When within a block and a half of Grandma Lunt’s (Priscilla Pitt), their daddy wanted me to go on the sidewalk as it was so tiresome following up the street. I hardly wanted to. As I was afraid he would tip them over, but he said he thought they would be all right. He had scarcely gone half a block when over they went right in a puddle of water, it scratched Bert’s face up quite a bit. Sister Lunt and Jennie (Lydia Jane Kendall) wasn’t going to meeting so they took care of the baby and Alfred and I took Lillian to meeting. We had a lovely meeting Sister Jane Booth gave the lesson and she did it well. 

Oscar came up for supper and he took all three of the children on the horse while I walked.


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