Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1905 (Friday) – Grandma Lunt (Priscilla Pitt) and I went up to Sister Matheny Vickers. Sister Cazier was there, we had met for them to wash and anoint me for my coming sickness, they gave me such a wonderful blessing, promised me that my little one (Eva Pearl Lunt) would be born alright and that it would be a marvel and a wonder to its parents, that it should be a teacher unto us that it should have great influence in teaching its Father (Alfred Oscar Lunt) to love his Heavenly Father, and said that the Lord is a friend to him. I cannot remember all that was said, we spent an hour or two talking, we seemed loath to part and return home.

Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) went down to the shearing corral with Uncle Edgar (John Edgar Lunt). In the evening Grandam Lunt watched the children (Alfred, Jr., Lillian and Charles Gilbert Lunt) and I went with Jen (Lydia Jane Kendall) and Edgar to a show in the Opera House.

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