Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1905 (Monday) – I am again alone with the children (Alfred Oscar, Jr., Lillian and Charles Gilbert Lunt), a good time to write again.

I walked up to Grandma Lunt’s (Priscilla Pitt) in the forenoon and on up town to do some shopping. In the afternoon I attended Relief Meeting, we had a grand meeting there was such a lovely spirit present, that one could scarcely keep from weeping. During the meeting, Sister Jarret, who was feeling quite miserable, asked for some of the Sisters to give her a blessing. Sister Matheny Vickers was mouth in the prayer, and afterwards Sister Vickers sang in tongues. Sister Jarret found the words in the Hymn Book and Sister Cazier (Mary Ann Parkes) read them in meeting. After meeting, I walked down home.


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