This Day In Our Family History


James Robert Gibbons was born in Saint Pancras, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom to John Gibbons, age 29, and Sarah Wild Cole, age 25. He was the 2nd of 6 children, and 2nd of 3 sons, born to the couple


John Thompson Rowley, age 20, and Jane Paul, age 18, were married in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States. They divorced 14 May 1892 in the First Judicial District Court in Utah County, Utah, United States


Hugh Delos Rowley was born in Zurich, Blaine, Montana, United States to Hugh Francis Rowley, age 26, and Erma Thornton, age 21. He was the 3rd of 9 children, and the 1st of 7 sons, born to the couple


Anna Beth Blackhurst was born in Utah, United States to Oren David Blackhurst, age 36, and Effie Druscilla Nelson, age 34. She was the 2nd of 2 children, and the only daughter, born to the couple


Anretta Webb was sealed, by proxy, for time and eternity to her parents, David Webb and Esther Olpin

Happy Birthday!

Kurtis Wayne Rowley and Hali Ann Fifield


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