Journal: Jeanette Sperry

Written September 17, 1905 from memory (posted today as it refers to dates prior to September 17, 1905:

1905 (Sunday) – 9/17: I have been too busy to write, but will try and remember some. When Baby (Eva Ruth Lunt) was five weeks old, I went over to Manti. I went on the train Wednesday August 16, I took the three children (Alfred Oscar, Jr., Lillian and Eva Lunt), leaving Bert (Charles Gilbert Lunt) with my sisters (Lillian May and Ruth Sperry). We went to Aunt Sarah’s (Sarah Edmunds) place. Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) spent one night with us and left the next morning for home. On Thursday some of Aunt Sarah’s folks came over and we all went up to her sisters, Lottie Parry’s (Charlotte Ann Edmunds). It was her birthday, we had dinner and supper there and spent the most enjoyable afternoon.  

We didn’t go anywhere again until Sunday, when we attended meeting. My Lillian was quite sick all afternoon. Monday afternoon, Aunt Sarah and I went to a Mother’s meeting. Sister Diantha Reid told of a prophecy she had heard given, that the parents who refused to bear children and tried to destroy the seed, that when they did desire to have some, they would be unable to have any, if they did get some they would prove a curse instead of a blessing to them. After Mother’s class, we called on May Reid Clark and then we went up to see Mrs. Fox. We went to the post office and then over to the ice cream parlor and had some ice cream, then we returned home. Lillian was feeling much better. 

1905 (Tuesday) – 8/22: Sister Parry (Charlotte Ann Edmunds) and Edwardina (Edwardina Parry) spent the afternoon with us.

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