Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1906 (Saturday) – In the night I took very sick to the stomach and chilled, I could hardly get warm. This morning I was unable to get up and remained in bed until 2:30 p.m. I had a severe nervous headache and sore throat. I sat up until half past six and then went to bed. I sent for my neighbor, Sister McCune, who came and told me what to do to help myself. My sister Retta (Retta Sperry) and Jennie Teasdale Smith came to see me in the evening. In the afternoon, Grandma Lunt (Priscilla Pitt) came up to see me and brought me a pineapple that had been sent to them from the Islands by Shed (Shadrach James Lunt) and Florence (Sarah Florence McCune). My sister Lillian (Lillian May Sperry) came and stayed all day and night to help with the children (Alfred Oscar, Jr., Lillian, Charles Gilbert and Eva Ruth Lunt). She is always so willing to help me when I need anyone. Poor little Alfred felt so bad because Mama was so sick and all of the children were so good, they didn’t seem to be much brother. Their Grandfather Sperry (Charles Sperry) took them for a sleigh ride.


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