Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1907 (Sunday) – It has been over a year since I last wrote.

The first part of May 1906, we moved into a house of Aunt Lena Rollins (Elina Margrethe Torkelson), she is Grandfather Sperry’s (Charles Sperry) 2nd wife, it is a block east of the Tabernacle. We are still living there but expect to leave soon. We have bought a home down by Grandma Lunt (Priscilla Pitt). It hardly seems possible that when we move again it will be into our home. It is an old place and need lots of fixing, Grandpa Sperry is doing that for us. We have had pretty good health in the past year. Clara (Clara Golden) stayed with me about two weeks after I moved. Since then, I have been doing my own work, except for the help of my sisters (Retta, Emma Della, Lillian May, Eva Pearl and Ruth Sperry) once in a while. 

From October to January, my husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt) worked in Salt Lake learning the hardware business. Since January he has been out as a travelling salesman for the Salt Lake Hardware Co. His territory is down south through Cedar City, St. George, etc. He doesn’t get home very often. He came home on the 18th of May and stayed until the 21st, then he went to Manti and took Lillian (Lillian Lunt) with him for a visit over to Aunt Sarah Sperry’s (Sarah Edmunds). Lillian has not come home yet and I’m getting anxious to see her again. She was over there a year ago now visiting with them, they think so much of her. 

Our baby Eva (Eva Ruth Lunt) is a big girl now, almost as large as Bert (Charles Gilbert Lunt). It doesn’t seem like we have a baby now. Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) went to school last winter and completed the first grade. I have been appointed assistant organist in the Stake Relief society. Two more lessons and we will have completed The Book of Mormon. Them we will take up The Doctrine and Covenants. I gave two lessons in Relief Meeting and one in board meeting this spring, in which I was greatly blessed by the Lord and I wish to acknowledge His hand in the blessings he gave me.

The last lesson I gave was in place of Sister Brown on account of sickness and death of her niece. 

Today, June 2nd, is fast Sunday. I took my three children and went to Sunday School, also to afternoon meeting. I stay alone with my children most of the time, day and night. Alfred is now over seven years old.

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