John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


We feel proud and thankful of our family name and heritage; it is a name that has come down to us through our fathers, men who were good, and tried in their way to do what was right. Though human and capable of error, they have left us a heritage for which we should be very thankful.

The name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and was derived as noted on the front page, from the words Row and Ley; row meaning sweet, and Ley meaning field.

From the front page of this publication you will probably be able to trace your own ancestry back to our common ancestors, John Rowley and Sarah Wright, and know where you fit into the family.

The family tree starts with John Rowley and Sarah Wright, who joined the Church in Handley, Staffordshire, England. Grandfather John died in England before the others came to America and on to Utah. So Grandmother, Sarah Wright Rowley and several of the children came to Utah and settled around Fillmore.

Later the Robert Walters family decided to go back to England, and Grandmother Sarah decided to go back with them, where she later passed on to her eternal reward.

From that generation we have lost much of the information that goes to make a good record. And most of what we do have, we owe to Uncle George Arthur Rowley, son of Ralph Nephi Rowley for preserving, and aiding us to obtain it.

Of those that stayed in England we have nothing on record. We have nothing further on John Rowley, who went on to Iowa. We need much more information on the Moroni Rowley family and also some of the branches of the James Rowley families, and Elizabeth Ann Rowley Lyman families, in California, and the Zuriah Shail descendants.

So if any of you can help us with needed information it would surely help to complete our records, and perfect the family tree.

Thank you, the Editors


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