John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

This, a rather new experiment to all of us both in experience and in a financial way, So we hope you will all bear with us and that we can work together,

And now that it costs to put out this paper, we felt that we’d try to put this paper out to show and let you know what we are trying to do to help one and all as kind of a sample copy, we feel that after you have read it you will all want to subscribe and keep it coming once every three months into your home, and will promptly send in your subscription. From now on the mailing list will include just the subscribers. Then we can carry on then and you’ll get your regular reports in on time so that the rest of the family will be kept posted, which will become of such vital interest to all of us.

It isn’t the facts you teach but the heart you reach that makes you a great teacher.

It isn’t what you say but what you inspire others to want to do and say.


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