John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Walter Ilith Rowley (son of Hugh Thompson Rowley, a son of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul) and Lois Chapman Rowley are proud and happy to announce the wedding plans of their lovely daughter, Wanda Mae Rowley, to Max Pearson. They both live in Eureka, California and plan to be married the last of June or the first of July in the Salt Lake Temple.

Lillian Alcorn Rowley, wife of David William Rowley, President of our family organization recently returned from a visit with their daughter, Grace Harriet Rowley Smith, in Warwick, VA, on the occasion of the birth of her granddaughter (Lillian Lorraine Smith). While there and attending Sunday School she met and visited with Deloy James Gardner, who is the grandson of Royal James Rowley who was a son of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul.

Also returning from a visit with her son, Andrew Severn Terry, Jr., was Mrs. Eleanor Pearl Bennett Terry. She is the daughter of Eliza May Rowley Bennett, who was the daughter of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul. Andrew Jr. is in the Armed Forces in VA. She also visited with her son David Reed Terry, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mrs. Myrtle Bennett Carlton, also a daughter of Eliza May Rowley Bennett, welcomed home recently her daughter, Marion Carlton and her husband and small baby boy, born on 24 August 1956, from Anchorage, Alaska. Aaron Conrad Dickey (Myrtle’s son-in-law) was working for the Civil Service in Alaska. While there they were active in the West Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Aaron served as the Branch Clerk, while Marion was Primary Secretary and a Visiting Teacher in the Relief Society. Marion also completed her High School there and graduated last May. They named their baby, a boy, James Calvin Dickey.

Mrs. Myrtle Bennett Carlton also has a son serving on the Aircraft Carrier “Bon Honne Richard” as a Marine. John Robert Carlton just completed a tour of duty through Japan, China, and the Philippians. He will arrive in San Francisco, California sometime after the first of March.


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