John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


George Albert Rowley, son of John Thompson Rowley and Mary Jane Smith during the year of 1956, supplied the money to hire a professional researcher, (Orville Johnson) who searched out fifty family groups on the John Rowley and Sarah Wright family lines. Most of the families had the surname of Rowley, with many Wright families and some Lease families. Amy Lease was the mother of John Rowley.

George Albert Rowley, in the year 1956, also financed the erection of a very elaborate and very appropriate tombstone at the graves of his mother and father, John Thompson Rowley Sr. and Mary Jane Smith.

We are also indebted to him for a great deal of information he supplied us with that will help us to write a better history of the Rowley family.

We are indeed very grateful to him for all of these very worthy endeavors.


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