Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1895 (Tuesday) – I went up town to a dance with Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and Father (Charles Henry Sperry) was leader of the band we always had to go early and before the dance commenced, Professor Pickering came up to Father, told him he would like to meet a young girl who wore her dresses shorter then dragging in the floor (as was the custom with the young and older ladies, those days). Esther and I were on the stage back of the orchestra waiting for the dancers to arrive, then we would go down and sit just below the orchestra. Father told him that he had two daughters there and the Professor seemed quite pleased, as Father turned to Esther but she said “Oh no Father I wouldn’t dare do that”, I will never forget the look of disgust on Father’s face and then he spoke to me and said come on Jeanette so shyly I came forward and was introduced to him. Then I came down from the stage to the Ballroom floor and the orchestra started to play a dance tune that was becoming popular. Mr. Pickering taught me two dances that were becoming popular at that time. After the bell had started and those two dances were called, Mr. Pickering came and danced those two dances with me. After the dance was over as we were leaving the building the Professor called Father back and Esther and I walked on up to Grandmother Sperry’s (Emily Louisa Miller). We could hardly wait for Father to come. We were so curious to learn what he wanted of Father. Because at the close of the dance he extended an invitation to all who wanted to attend a free dance the next evening where he was going to demonstrate some new dances, as he intended starting a dancing class in the near future. Just as Father, Esther and I were leaving the hall the Professor opened the door and said “Oh Mr. Sperry, I would like to talk to you.” So Esther and I went without him up to Grandfather Sperry’s (Charles Sperry) where our horse and buggy were waiting. Father told us he wanted him to bring me up to the Opera House about four o’clock the next day, as He wanted to practice the dances with me, as he wanted me to help introduce his dances. Dad, Esther and I rode down to the farm.

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