Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1896 – I arose about 6 a.m., a few minutes after seven; I left the house equipped for the canyon. I had on an old black sateen dress and a calico apron, my hair was done in two braids and I had a can and basket thrown over my shoulder. Thus I left home and went up by Salisbury’s where Ada (Ada Salisbury) joined me. Together we proceeded to the mouth of the canyon, after going a little ways in to the canyon we seated ourselves beneath a tree to rest. Next, we stopped at a spring where we quenched our thirst with the clear sparkling water. We walked about half a mile when we came to a cool shady nook; here we stopped to rest our weary selves. We followed up the creek and came to some bushes laden with berries, we proceeded to fill our baskets, after picking the berries, we ate our lunch and the went on our way about half a mile further, we left our baskets and proceeded on without them. We came to a waterfall about 10 feet high, there was green moss and shrubs all around which made it a very pretty sight. We went up until we came to a cliff or smooth rock covered with moss and flowers it had water dripping from it like rain. Just to the west of it was an old stump of a tree which had been partly burned and was all black. It looked like a bear when we first seen it and scared us very much. I had a toothache and didn’t feel very good for a while so Ada wandered around and picked a lovely bouquet. In gathering them she came across an old ax and pick, but left them where they were. She went up a south hill and in a little while I followed her. We came across a larger cliff and far more beautiful. This one also was covered with moss and flowers and there was a clear stream of water running down part of it about as deep as my hand is thick. We stayed there for a little while and then descended the hill. A little farther down we climbed another hill and there Ada found a little spring, the water was lovely and cool and we had us another good drink. We continued our descent until we came to our buckets, we picked berries for a while and then walked leisurely home. It was about nine o’clock when we got there. Sister Salisbury was frightened because we were so late and came to meet us which was about half was up the bench.

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