Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1896 (Saturday) – Took my music lessons then walked down to the post office. Afterwards, I went up to our new home and walked through all the rooms. I went down to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s (Sarah Elizabeth Sperry) and had dinner there. In the afternoon, I walked down town called in Miss Morgan’s Millinery Store, Rose Lunt’s (Rose Ella Carter) baby (Burnell Morris Lunt) was there and I tended him for a little while. He is such a sweet little baby. I went over to the post office, Oscar Lunt (Alfred Oscar Lunt) was there talking to Florence McCune (Sarah Florence McCune). I talked to them for a few minutes and then went over to George Foote’s home to see their baby. Later Minnie Abbott (Minnie Lamont Abbott) and I walked down town with my brother Art (Arthur David Sperry). He went to band practice and we walked past the church, met Pearl McCune (Margaret Pearl McCune), Stella (Stella Jane Taylor) and Nan Neff, we all went back to the meeting house where we met May Grover. Professor Kerr gave a lecture on education. After the lecture, I came down home with Father (Charles Henry Sperry).

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