Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Wednesday) – I wrote a letter to brother Arthur (Arthur David Sperry). In the afternoon Father (Charles Henry Sperry) and I went up town. On our way we med Shed Lunt (Shedrick James Lunt) and spoke to him. After reaching town I went to the post office. On the way I met Monte Whitmore shook hands with him and talked to him a while. I haven’t seen him to talk to him since New Year’s night. From the post office I went over to Hyde’s store and then over to the Coop. Coming back I passed Mr. Mangum and spoke to him. As I was passing the drug store Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) came to the door and called me in. We stood talking a few minutes and then I stayed there a while for him to go over to the post office to get a book he had promised to lend me. It was a book on ethics. I then went up to Burton’s where I had supper. Father came to tell me he wouldn’t be able to go home until late so I stayed at Burton’s until nearly ten, reading some in the book, Father and I came down to the farm.

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