Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Sunday) – Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and I went to Sunday School afterwards we saw Ella Larsen and went over to the post office with her. I had dinner up to Burton’s. After dinner Mrs. Burton (Frances Haddy Betenson) and I went over to Linton’s and got Miss Larsen she came back to the house with us and remained there until train time then Mrs. Burton, Esther and I accompanied her to the depot. After coming back Esther went down to Kendall’s and Mrs. Burton and I went down to see Grandma Sperry (Emily Louisa Miller). In the evening Mr. (Enoch Burton) and Mrs. Burton went to meeting and left me to take care of Louie (John Louis Burton). Esther and Della (Adella Kendall) came back in a short time and later Shed (Shedrick James Lunt) and Oscar Lunt (Alfred Oscar Lunt), Eddie McCune (Edward Hague McCune) and our new druggist came up so I got to meet him after all his name is Fred Moore. We all spent an enjoyable evening. I slept up to Burton’s.


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