Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Friday) – Last Saturday (12thEsther (Emily Esther Sperry) and I went up town. She came back home but I remained up there. I went up to Burton’s. In the evening I called at Bishop Parkes for a few minutes and then went down to Moore’s. Flora (Flora Moore) went down to Foote’s with me and while there I decided that I would not take another until September (shorthand lesson?). We returned to Moore’s and then Mr. (Frederick John Moore) and Mrs. Moore (Mary Mildred Boshard), Flora and I all walked up to Burton’s.

On Sunday (13th), I called for Flora and we went to Sunday School, afterwards we went over to the post office then Flora went up to Burton’s with me. She soon left and later in the afternoon I went down to Moore’s. I had supper there and afterwards Mrs. Moore, Flora and I went down to the drug store and had a dish of ice cream lemonade. While we were there, Mamie Hyde and Neva Booth came in; Mr. Moore tried to fool us by giving us some gum with cayenne on it. Neva and Mrs. Moore tried theirs, but the rest of us didn’t get fooled. We all left the drug store and walked up to Cazier’s corner. We stood there walking for some time and then Mrs. Moore, Flora and I went back down town. As we were passing Judge Higgins home we met Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) and he went up to Burton’s with us. About nine o’clock Mr. Moore came up and took his folks home. Oscar remained a little longer and then he left too. I slept up to Burton’s.

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