Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Saturday) – On Thursday 5th in the evening I walked up town, I went to the post office and then over to Aunt Emma Hague’s (Emma Elizabeth Webb) to see Mother (Caroline Webb). I went up to Burton’s and Mrs. Burton (Frances Haddy Betenson), Amy (Amy Burton) and I went down to the depot to see the train come in. We came back up to Burton’s. I slept there. On Friday I walked out home and on Saturday I stayed home all day. Sunday evening Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and I went up to Perkins. We stayed there until Melvin (Henry Melvin Sperry) and Mother came from town, then we rode home with them. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I remained home all day. Thursday evening I went up town, Mrs. Burton had company for supper, Eddie McCune (Edward Hague McCune), Will Sparks’ (William Lamont Sparks) and Miss Zoa Mathews from Beaver were there. We spent a very pleasant evening. I forgot until just now what I did on Monday and Tuesday 9th and 10th. Monday Esther and I went up town in the afternoon we went down to the train to see Ada (Ada Ann Taylor) and Stella Taylor (Stella Jane Taylor) off on the train. They went to Moab. After we came back, Esther, Della (Adella Kendall) and Jennie Kendall (Lydia Jane Kendall) and I went up to Moore’s, the other girls left but I stayed and had supper. Mrs. Moore and Flora (Flora Moore) walked a ways with me on my way to Kendall’s to call for Esther and then she and I walked out home, on Thursday Mrs. Moore and Flora and Mrs. Bushard went up to Provo. On Friday I went down town and out to call on Lil Burton, she was not home so I returned to Burton’s. In the evening Amy, Mrs. Burton and I took a walk. On Saturday I went down town, about sundown Melvin came up and Mrs. Burton, Amy, Lou (Lou Hugent), Howard (Howard Hugent) and Mable Hugent and I went out west with him in the hills where Lon (Lon Salisbury) and Richard Salisbury were working in a mine. We camped there all night and on Sunday morning we all came to town. Towards evening I came out home. Later in the evening Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) came out, he had just returned from a two weeks trip to Strawberry, I went up town with him and stayed to Grandmother’s (Emily Louisa Miller).

Saturday I walked out home before sunrise. We thrashed, got all of our grain done. Afterwards I walked up town, met Esther and after shopping we walked out home. The next day was Esther’s birthday she was 21 years old, Della Kendall came down, we made ice cream, in the afternoon Uncle Will (William Josiah Sperry) and Aunt Gusta Sperry (Emma Augusta Taylor) and children (Blanche, Hazel, Mabel and Emma Augusta Sperry) came down. About dusk they all returned home.

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