Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Saturday) – Mr. Smith came down and told me Father (Charles Henry Sperry) wanted me to bring the buggy up to him as he wanted to come home. When I reached town I found that Melvin (Henry Melvin Sperry), while returning home with a load of wood, while walking beside it had tripped and fallen and the load went over his arm, breaking his arm. I came down with Father and then returned to town with Mother (Caroline Webb). Melvin was at Grandfather Sperry’s (Charles Sperry). I went over to Booth’s for a practice. Mame Hyde was visiting with Neva Booth. Editor Roe came and we practiced over a song together. After he left I went with Neva to take Mame home and then I went up to Burton’s. At Kienke’s corner I met Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) and he went to Burton’s with me. He spent the evening with me. I think he must have proposed to me that evening for I had something written in shorthand which I cannot read now. Whatever it was I written I imagine I was afraid Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) might get into my journal and read about it, so I wrote it that way. I slept at Burton’s.

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