Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1902 (Sunday) – Tonight I am sitting here alone, my babies (Alfred Oscar Lunt Jr and Lillian Lunt) are in bed and asleep. While sitting here I thought I would begin a journal of my own life for my babies lives are so interwoven with mine that I can write of them while for myself. There are so many little things transpire in one’s life and is forgotten which if recorded would be mice to refer back to. My husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt) is out to the sheep hers, he left here on the 3rd of this month to be gone for the winter, so he said, but I’m in hopes he will be able to come in sometime during the winter.

My boy, Alfred, will soon by two years 10 months old, he is in pants now and all he can talk about is when he grows up and will have a pony, he could entertain anyone by the hour talking about his future horse and what he will do when he grows to be a man. He is a very good natured little fellow and is devoted to his baby sister. She will soon be a year old, she walks around by chairs but does not go alone yet and oh she is a regular little chatter box but is not able to make us understand her yet. She is a very good baby the pride and joy of our household, she has lots of aunts and they all think there is no one like baby Lillian.

I am staying alone with my children this winter, only when some of the folks come in and stay with me. We are living in Brother Brough’s place just below Grandma Lunt’s (Priscilla Pitt) place. It is very pleasant for me to be able to live so close to my husband’s mother. I am trying to devote most of my spare time to studying this winter. Grandma Lunt has a year of the Improvement Era’s and I am getting them from her and find them very very interesting. Oh if I could only remember what I read so that I might store my mind with useful knowledge.

Today is Sunday, I have been home most of the day with my babies. Alfred went to Sunday School with his Aunt Pearl (Eva Pearl Sperry). He was dressed in a new suit of blue clothes and a white blouse that his aunt Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) had made for him, he looked so sweet. About three thirty, I took the babies over to Aunt Ann Lunt’s (Ann Pitt?) and later we went in to Grandma Lunt’s and had supper. Grandma Pitt (Caroline Wright) came over in the morning and stayed for about half an hour. I went over to Sister Sarah Ann Crazier’s for some butter this morning. I always like to go to her place she is a noble woman and a good councilor, she always has something interesting to tell you and she tells me many things that is food for me for reflection.

Well I must go to bed and will endeavor to write in here as often as possible.

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