Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1902 (Monday) – I have been washing, Grandma Lunt (Pricilla Pitt) came over and took baby (Lillian Lunt) over while I finished my washing, which was a great help to me. When she returned with her, she told me who we were to have for president and councilors in this the first ward Relief Society; President Sister S.A. Cazier who has chosen Sister Wheeler and Sister Pettigrew as her councilors. I think they will make a fine board and that we will have a splendid meetings. I always thought our Relief Society Meetings were the best of meetings but prospects are we will have still better ones now, not that I think the last president was not worthy of the office, for she is a noble sister and mother in Israel and we all dearly love her, but Sister Wilkie is getting old and she feels that she is not able now to perform the duties devolving on a president. She now will still attend meetings so will be there to give us instructions from time to time, Sister Cazier is younger and she had stored her mind up with useful knowledge. She is greatly blessed with the gift of speaking, we always have extra good meetings when she is present so if she is president she will meet with us oftener. I sent Father Charles Henry Sperry) and Mother’s (Caroline Webb) to be enlarged and by trading $50 at Foote’s store will be able to get them. I took the babies (Alfred Oscar Lunt Jr and Lillian) and went over to Aunt Ann’s (Ann Pitt) and got an Era I have been reading that this evening.

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