Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1904 (Monday) – I got up shortly after five a.m., washed and ironed some clothes for the baby (Charles Gilbert Lunt) and me and got ready to go off on the Sanpete train by 12:45 with Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt). Mother (Caroline Webb) kept the other children (Alfred Oscar, Jr. and Lillian Lunt). There were quite a number of Nephi folks going over to Manti. On arriving there we went to Uncle Harry Sperry’s (Miles Harrison Sperry). Aunt Sarah (Sarah Edmunds) was over to the park, she came home and I went over with her, they were holding a Danish meeting there. I put the baby to sleep and left him with Sarah and Florence (Florence Sperry). After leaving the park Oscar and I went to a matched basketball game between Manti and Nephi. Manti beat, but our boys did some pretty fine work especially during the first half.

Afterwards we went over to Aunt Sarah’s for supper, then went to a theater, afterwards we went home and I put the baby to bed and then we went to a dance, it was about three a.m. when we got back to Sperry’s.

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