Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1909 (Sunday) – Again I’ve neglected writing for a long time.  It has been over a year since I last wrote. My husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt) is still working for The Salt Lake Hardware Co., he is away most of the time. I will try and remember what I can of last year’s events. 

On the 15th of February 1908 another sweet little girl came to bless our home with her presence. Dr. Bennett waited on me and Sister Chapple was my nurse. I enjoyed having her with me very much, she stayed two weeks. My husband came home on the 17th and stayed a few days. When baby was about four days old, Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) and Lillian (Lillian Lunt) came down with measles, a day or two later Eva (Eva Ruth Lunt) took them and later Bert (Charles Gilbert Lunt). We thought it quite hard times those days. I felt sorry Sister Chapple and Clara (Clara Golden), they had to work so hard, the children got along alright and baby did not take it. Sister Chapple said she was surely sick of her name for no sooner would she sit down and one of the children would call out “Sister Chapple I want a drink of water.”

The day the baby was a week old, Oscar’s Grandfather Lunt (Edward Lunt) came down and blessed the baby and gave her the name of “Della”.

Clara stayed with me until Della was six weeks old, for a week or two I tried it alone and then I got Sadie Downes to come and work for me, she stayed until May. Then my sister Pearl (Eva Pearl Sperry) came and stayed the rest of the summer. On July 3rd I went to Salt Lake, taking Baby with me. On July 5th, I went down to Dr. Ernest Evans and he extracted all my teeth, about twenty. Dr. Frank B. Steele administered the chloroform. Oh, but I was sick that evening. The next day I remained quiet at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s (Sarah Elizabeth Sperry) until afternoon when I came home. Maud Abbott (Ruth Maud Abbott) came down to Nephi with me and at Provo, my sister Retta (Retta Sperry) got on the train for Nephi.

Mother (Caroline Webb) is in Provo for her health.

In August, I let Alfred go up to Idaho with his Aunt Retta, who was going up to visit Karl (Karl Farnsworth) and Esther (Emily Esther Sperry). Retta returned home but Alfred Stayed there until the last of October.

Our baby had a severe cough during the summer, it was chin or whooping cough. She was quite sick for two or three weeks but after that she improved rapidly.

Oscar’s Grandma Pitt (Caroline Wright) who lived just over the fence from us, used to come over every day to tend my baby, she thought she was helping me out, but I would much rather she hadn’t been tended so much, I was so afraid Grandma might drop her, but I hated to let on but that it was alright for it gave Grandma the idea she was helping someone and she said to me one day, you may think you are tired at the end of the day because there is so much you have to do, but wait until the time comes when you get tired because there is nothing you can do and then you will really know what it is to be tired. 

The last of September and the first of October Clara came to live with me for two or three weeks. 

On Thanksgiving Day, we were all out to George Lunt’s (George William Lunt) for dinner. In the evening, I went out to Will Orme’s, it was their twelfth wedding day. On Christmas Day, we all went over to Grandma Lunt’s (Priscilla Pitt) for Christmas dinner. My husband was home for a few days. A few days before Christmas I took the baby and went to Salt Lake. I stayed at a rooming house kept by a Mrs. McLaughlin. Retta came to the city the next day and stayed with me. While I was there, my husband came up and Karl and Esther and Fred McLaughlin all came to the city and we all came down to Nephi together.

Fred and Della (Emma Della Sperry) have gone to Washington D.C. to live. They have bought them a home there. 

Early in December my brother Lon (Charles Alonzo Sperry) came home from a mission to England, he looked fine and felt well.

Today (March 14th 1909) Esther took dinner with us and then left for Salt Lake, where she will be joined by her husband and they are going to Washington to live.

Baby Della will be 14 months old tomorrow, she can’t go alone yet, neither has she cut a tooth. We all think she is lovely and wonder what we would do without her. During the night, Baby was very restless and the thought came to me “if you would look in baby’s mouth, you will find a tooth”, I did so and sure enough, there was her first tooth.


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