John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Late Flashes, Continued

Vickie Lynn Kipp, born 3 April 1957 at St. Benedict Hospital, Ogden, Utah, a daughter of Dean and Janice Croft, daughter of Mae R. Rowley Croft Wheeler, daughter of Royal James and Mary Rowley, son of John T. and Jane Paul. The Kipp’s live at 301 N. Dixie, Layton, Utah.

The Fred and Lois Rowley Stephler’s have moved to a new location. Rt. 1, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lois is the daughter of Royal James and Mary Jones Rowley. Royal is son of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul Rowley.

A baby daughter was born to Larry and Idonna Rowley Kolson of Pingree, Idaho. Idonna is the daughter of Thomas Rowley, son of Royal James Rowley, son of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul.

Uncle Royal James and Aunt Mary Rowley of Shelley, Idaho are both enjoying life and are in fair health and extend greetings to all.

Mrs. Leroy M. Davis, daughter of Eliza May Rowley Bennett, daughter of John Rowley and Jane Paul, sent in the following family news:

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy (Jenny) M. Davis took their two boys, Leroy Alan 17 and Shirl Bennett 13, their Daughter Jenne was unable to go with them and on March 22, 1957 went to the Salt Lake Latter-Day Saints Temple, and there Leroy Mehlon Davis son of Alphonzo Leroy Davis and Helen Nell Powers, and Jennie May Bennett daughter of David Alfred Bennett and Eliza May Rowley were sealed for all time and had their two boys sealed to them. Roy and Jennie have been back to the Temple several times to do work for the dead.

Leroy Allen Davis son of the above mentioned Leroy M. Davis and Jennie May Bennett joined the U.S. Army Jan. 5, 1957 and was at Fort Ord, California until March 16. He likes the service very well. He was home on leave from March 16 to March 28 at which time he left by plane for Fort Devens, Mass. He is attending school there. His address is:

Pvt. Leroy A. Davis RA 19570553
Co-17-A.S.A. Student Regt. 8622
Fort Devens, Mass.

Jeanne Davis daughter of the above mentioned Leroy and Jennie Davis, is attending college at the B.Y.U. Jeanne is married to Paul Durrant and they have a son, Walter Rog. He is 20 months old.

John Robert Carlson, son of Elmer Lehi and Myrtle Bennett, daughter of Eliza May Rowley and David Alfred Bennett, daughter of John Rowley and Jane Paul. John has just gained a promotion to P.F.C. and is stationed at Camp Pendleton, California Marine Base for the next few months. John’s service has taken him to the Far East from last June till March of this year. He was in Japan, China and the Philippine Islands. His address is:

P.F.C. John R. Carlton 1501876
U.S. M.S M.D. U.S.S. Bonhomme
C.V.A. 31 F.P.O.

San Francisco, California 

After June 18 he will be off the ship and stationed at Camp Pendleton, California.

David Terry son of Andrew Terry and Eleanor Bennett Terry, daughter of Eliza May Rowley, daughter of John Rowley and Jane Paul. David is stationed Fűrth Nuremberg, Germany and is court stenographer.

Andrew Terry, Jr. another son of the above mentioned Andrew and Eleanor Terry will get his release from the service in July.

Coleen, daughter of Alfred (Alfred Senior Bennett) and Mary Ann (Mary Ann Adams) Bennett. Alfred is also the son of David Alfred and Eliza May Rowley Bennett and Eliza is the daughter of John Rowley and Jane Paul. Colleen will graduate from Orem High School on May twenty-fourth. She is leaving the first of June for Yellowstone, as she will work at Canyon Hotel.

Myrtle’s daughter, Sylvia, was taken to the hospital recently to remain there for several days. She had been operated on a year and a half ago for bladder obstruction. This may not be the same trouble, although she still has to remain there for observation.


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