Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Tuesday) – I went down to the School House and got a book. I went down to the Excelsior and then the post office, but found it closed. I then went up to Grandmother’s (Emily Louisa Miller) and then up to Burton’s. I decided to go down home by way of the railroad tracks, and was starting to walk out home when I saw a tramp coming that way, I felt quite nervous so called in a ladies home and asked her if I might stay there until he had gone on. I waited until I thought he had time to be a long ways ahead and when I returned to the track he was nowhere in sight. The lady of the house walked along the track with me until we met her son and then we could see that the tramp had set down to rest at a crossing farther down. She and her son stood and watched me until I had passed by. I was afraid I might meet another one so hurried as fast as I could and was very thankful to reach home in safety.

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