John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


It is really a privilege to be able to write a few lines in the first edition of our family paper, and to greet all the descendants of Grandfather John Rowley and Grandmother Sarah Wright. I do hope it will be accepted into the homes in the spirit for which it is written. As a greeting from the various parts of the family and that it will serve to keep us all posted on how the rest of the family are doing. Also to help you get and keep your family record as near up to date as possible.

In this first edition it has been hard to get the reports in from all branches of the family. We do hope
in the future publications that we get the reports in from all branches of the family in time to be published. That we will all become more familiar with our various responsibilities in this matter, that we can perfect this family paper to be of great service to all.

So if there are any suggestions you would like to make, please feel free to do so. If there is anything you would like to put in or add to the paper, contact your family reporter. If you are unable to do so send any news directly to the Editors.

Keep us posted on the current events of your family, and any biographies or records that may help us to have better records and keep more up to date on the events of the family.

We want this paper to be a permanent addition to your home. The kind of paper you will want to preserve.

Thanks you very much and I remain sincerely yours,
David William Rowley, President


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